october floated in

october floated in on a falling leaf lifting and twirling and dancing down still green with envy for the summer sun the heavy grey sky reminded her of the sea and the way the tide rolls in on a stormy day making frothy white faces as it sings october spun madly on her little green […]


I stoop to unpack yet another box of books. They are endless, no? Despite the overflowing bags we ran back and forth from the secondhand store in the days before we left, I am still faced with more pages than I will ever read, and now I have to find room for them here, in […]

the sounds of silence

In the days since we have started (but never finished) unpacking our bags and burdens into a new little house, on a new street, in this new town, I have made a new friend. I come from the busyness of a not-quite-corporate office, filled up to the brim with friends who started as coworkers, but […]

Stars Fell {On Sylvan Park}

I found this  today, written more than a month ago on the night we moved out of our Nashville home. It hurts more now than it did then. Trent Dabbs sings a song about our little Nashville neighborhood, Sylvan Park that’s perfect for me today. The refrain is something along the lines of “I still […]