challenge accepted

4 inches of snow fell while we slept the other night. It’s not the first snowfall we’ve seen in this midwestern season of ours, but each one is more delightful than the last. I love snow. I love cold weather, when every breath spins frost into air and my cheeks and nose tingle with the […]

I am Eustace.

I am the queen of self-loathing. And in a week marked by more tears than smiles, when I struggled to recover from the longest, worst kind of hangover, I far outdid myself. Four weeks of freedom, rediscovery, and heart-filling, soul-spilling love, and I found myself back in our darling old house, large and empty and […]


I stoop to unpack yet another box of books. They are endless, no? Despite the overflowing bags we ran back and forth from the secondhand store in the days before we left, I am still faced with more pages than I will ever read, and now I have to find room for them here, in […]

the sounds of silence

In the days since we have started (but never finished) unpacking our bags and burdens into a new little house, on a new street, in this new town, I have made a new friend. I come from the busyness of a not-quite-corporate office, filled up to the brim with friends who started as coworkers, but […]

suitcase heart

We’ve traveled the same 300 miles between central-east Missouri and northwest Arkansas twice in as many days. It’s been a grand tour of this state we’re fumbling awkwardly to call home – I’ve dug my old GPS out of the dark trenches of the blue explorer, and powered up the friendly British man I lovingly […]

identity theft {or just being 25}

I’m learning to love the line in that old John Mayer song about ‘quarter-life crisis.’ I used to laugh at it, chalking the musing up to the entitlement of a generation gone wild on our parents’ belief that we could do anything and everything if only we studied hard and worked harder. The problem with […]