the hopes & fears of all the years

Merry Christmas, dear friends. I’m not entirely sure when the calendar flipped over to December, or when the temperatures dropped enough for me to see sweet steam when I breathe, or when seemingly everyone in the world but me had their lives together enough to decorate their homes for this holiday season. These last few […]

on grief and my grandmother’s dishes

I’ve been thinking a lot about death this week, and grief, and of the unfulfilled longing that lingers in the air around Advent. Before anything happened in Connecticut, and my heart stopped beating for my own fears and for a few short days beat only for sad mamas and papas and brothers and sisters. Before […]

october floated in

october floated in on a falling leaf lifting and twirling and dancing down still green with envy for the summer sun the heavy grey sky reminded her of the sea and the way the tide rolls in on a stormy day making frothy white faces as it sings october spun madly on her little green […]

Grace Abundant

A few months ago, as Price and I sat in our little living room surrounded by sweet memories and the vague threat of complacency, we made a bold prayer. We asked the Lord to make His will “abundantly clear” for us in this next stage of life. And so now we are signing leases, as […]


Our life is more than a little stressful right now. All things good, all things new, all things vivid and painful in such sweet ways. I feel like I’m loosed of burdens I’ve been carrying for far too long and fears that have wrecked too many moments. I tend to live in the past or […]