I’m Melanie.
When I was a little girl, I was completely and utterly obsessed with Anne of Green Gables.
That’s one of the most important things you could ever know about me. All 8 books are my favorite. They were a gift from my beloved grandmother, and I read them every single summer. All 8. All the way through.
And I’m sure I cried every time.
These days, I still love Anne of Green Gables. I also love food and friends and sweet family. I love words and I’m learning to love crafting sentences and essays on these pages. I like to find whispers of God in the everyday and the extraordinary, and I strive to find more-than-whispers of Him in my own life.
I live with my outrageously awesome husband and our super-sweet-but-developmentally-challenged munchkin cat Puff.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Melanie……..I too got the whole set from my grandmother…….after she passed my dad let me have them and I read them all as well and still have them but read as a grownup not a young girl……..I would have loved them then as much as I loved them……have not gone back and reread them but maybe I shall do that one more time while I am still around on God’s Earth on this side…….how do I get these to email regularly……..and I really really was blessed indeed by the one I just read about the guests for dinner and the perfect house….ha…….sounds like my house…….but thanks for it showing up on my facebook….not sure how it did but certainly glad it did…….frances moore hamlett……..live in Garland……

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