Everything Sad

Is everything sad going to come untrue?

Wherever you credit that phrase … for me, it first came from the most beloved Jesus Storybook Bible … for most, it is uttered by Sam to Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings … it strikes you right at the heart.

And on nights and days and planets like these, it’s all we have to cling to.

Everything sad is going to come untrue.

Broken relationships. Broken hearts. Broken bodies. When everything that we face and we throw up our hands with tears in our eyes and no more prayers on our lips … all of those things that we inevitably and seemingly irreversibly destroy with our fickle human hearts and hands … all of those things will be redeemed. It would take more than my 10 fingers and 10 toes to count all of the things I’ve messed up this week. And maybe these little things will hurt and sting and won’t go away, but the big things – the work, the relationships, the stories – they will be ok in the end.

And I don’t know how to believe anything other than that.

I don’t know how to believe anything other than that every moment of every day is filled, bursting to the brim, with proof of that very thing.

So here we go, on a new adventure, yet another new iteration of this sweet little blog that I call my own. It’s growing up. I’m growing up. Finding my voice a little more one word at a time.


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