A Very Bama Thanksgiving

Apologies for the seasonal delay of the post … while most of our minds (mine included!) have long moved past the turkey-laden tables of Thanksgiving and onto Christmas cheer, I still want to recap the sweet joy that is an Alabama Thanksgiving. And since I have been laid up all week munching on nothing but gatorade and saltines due to a particularly nasty migraine, I’d like to revisit those days of yumminess.

What exactly, you may ask, makes an Alabama Thanksgiving so particularly delightful?

We dress all in red and eat gingerbread cookies shaped like elephants:

We force unwilling younger siblings to join us in our crimson tide pride …

… and then chest bump them to the point of pain when Bama scores.

We smoke turkeys in fire pits when the smoker stops working:

We get distracted by football and catch the bread dough just before it rises over the bowl:

We knead together as sisters:

And heap deserving and abundant praise on the successful turkey smoker:

And we praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Roll Tide and Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “A Very Bama Thanksgiving

  1. What a lovely Thanksgiving 🙂 Yay for Wesley and his turkey-smoking skills!

    I’m coming to visit in January, and I want to see you! Maybe we can get a group to go out to dinner (or cook in?)

    • WOW! I just discovered your blog! Incredible. Well, I am thankful that he was successful in spite of that ugly shirt. I am glad y’all had a good Thanksgiving. I, for one, was thankful to see each of you at Ricatoni’s. Looking forward to New Years! 🙂

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