A girl always remembers her first …

This weekend, I roasted a turkey. For the first time ever. I was really, really nervous. There’s something about roasting a turkey that seems particularly grown-up. Maybe it’s because it always seems like that daunting task is reserved for the eldest generation … grandmothers, mothers, but rarely daughters (until we grow up and have kiddos […]

Baked Apple Bliss

Baked apples are, unofficially, one of my favorite foods of all time. Unofficially, of course, because the “favorite foods of all time” list that I keep running in my head is generally swayed by what is in season and/or in my kitchen and/or what I’m craving. Currently, my favorite foods of all time list is: […]

A Family Affair

We spent this past weekend with my grandparents from my mother’s side. They are sweet, incredibly special people whose lives are so funny, so drastically different from those of their parents, that I am often in awe of the life they have created for themselves. My grandparents were both born in West Virginia. My grandfather […]