A woman’s place is …

In the kitchen? I used to hate that joke – and the dozens of others like it that suggest women should stay home and cook, clean,  have babies and that’s it. As a relatively intelligent female with career ambitions, I have always felt like women underestimate themselves based on these cultural assumptions about our role […]

On Patience and Pie Crust

Always been like a hummingbird, and I can’t sit still, listen up lover, listen up, I never will {The Weepies, Hummingbird} I don’t like to sit still. I’ve never been good at it, physically or mentally. I’ve always been 6 steps ahead. Actually, not even necessarily ahead as much as away. 6 steps AWAY from […]

Figs are weird

I don’t even know what a fig is, to be perfectly honest with you. Price thinks it’s a fruit, which it probably is. I’ve never eaten a fig, cooked a fig, or even seen an actual fig before. But for the last several weeks, it’s felt like FIGS have been everywhere. Southern Living had a […]

Roll Tide and Happy Birthday

Tonight we’re watching Alabama football, and all is right in our world. Yes, it’s Sunday. And yes, we’re watching the Alabama – San Jose State game for the second night in a row. But last night’s inaugural game was interrupted by the most delightful of things: the laughter of our favorite people, plates overflowing with […]