Muffins = Love

We’re in a really sweet season of life right now and I could not be happier to be journeying in it with Price.

My husband is awesome. And sweet. And funny. And his love for me just shines in every word he speaks and smile he gives. I ask him at least 3 times a week why he loves me the way he does, and I never believe his answer.

Sigh. I’m a lucky, lucky girl. Isn’t he cute?

This picture perfectly sums him up … and it’s an un-edited gem from the 8-month-overdue bridal session we did with our awesome friend Nick a few weeks ago.

Anyway … Price is being particularly wonderful right now as my nights get swept away with GRE study guides and endless searches for graduate schools (I like to put the cart before the horse … and picking a school is WAY more fun than studying, right?). So tonight I made him muffins. And two nights ago I made him cookies. And dinner, every night this week (but it’s only Wednesday … )

Because sometimes I forget to put him first.

Sometimes, I make too many plans in a week and we don’t get any time alone. Sometimes I end up cooking for everyone else in my life, and he eats leftovers or quickly-thrown-together stir-frys. I bake cakes, and take them away. And yet he patiently washes every dish, encourages my wildest dreams of grad school and beyond, and sometimes he even (on special nights like tonight) scrubs the mold from the tiles in the bathtub … which is incredibly romantic, because it means I don’t have to do it. (It also means we’re old.)

I feel like a lame wife … or wifey, as he likes to call me … or “wiffy” as the voice dial on his phone likes to pronounce it … when I don’t have a full dinner ready when he gets home, or when the laundry isn’t done, or when the clutter in the house threatens to overthrow my sanity (and prevents our little Puff from navigating … she doesn’t do so well unless there is a clear path).

So sometimes I make him cookies or I experiment with muffins (cinnamon cake doughnut muffins tonight!) and I hope he knows how much I love him. Life is crazy, but there are baked goods. There will always be baked goods. And in days that are crazy, and I feel so selfish for leaving him extra housework while I study, I hope he knows that the muffins = love.


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