Insecurity, Patient Hope, and a Birthday Fiesta

Today was an insecure day. Do you ever have those? Days when NOTHING is right. Hair, eyebrows, outfit, words that tumble out of your mouth that make you cringe. I don’t know … maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s my new allergy medicine, maybe it’s constantly interrupted sleep I’m experiencing because Puff has decided to […]

And then there was cabbage

So last week we conquered our fear of beets. It was triumphant, and today I found myself buying goat cheese at the store thinking about revisiting that delicious risotto. Mmmmm … But since Wednesday, there has been another unloved vegetable lurking in my refrigerator. It is a quieter foe, sitting unnoticed like a head of […]

Fruit Basket Turnover

Oh, it’s been a busy weekend of food-and-friend love! So many little stories are crowding my mind with no common theme except for the happiness they bring. I love 3 day weekends. I want 3 day weekends EVERY week. Truly. This was like fresh water to my soul. Friday night we trekked to Nolensville for […]