There’s a lot to be thankful for tonight, especially here in our sweet city. I haven’t blogged in awhile, intentionally, because I haven’t been entirely sure what to say, or what tone to take, or how to talk about food and faith when so many people in Nashville lack the first and have had the second shaken.

But tonight I can speak, with a joyful heart, about our farm friends at Avalon Acres who provide us with our CSA each week in the summertime. I LOVE the CSA. I have been nothing short of an Avalon Acres evangelist in the off-season, and have seen so many new friends join this year.

We picked up our first box on Sunday, day 2 of the devastating rains that flooded our city. We were lucky to have a path to get to the truck, because much of the city was underwater. It was a strange feeling … we had been excited for weeks about picking up our first box, but we went out hesitantly as we passed closed roads and emergency vehicles at every turn.

We got our box, and rushed back to the safety of our 2nd-floor condo, where we unpacked the box with “ooohs” and “ahhhs” and delight that distracted us from the television blaring news in the background.

Here is what we found:

Spinach to make us strong:

The sweetest farm-fresh strawberries … I’ve been craving these since last May! Grocery store strawberries just aren’t the same.

Different bags of greens … salads all week for us!

Baby onions/chives:

Our half-dozen eggs:

And a whole chicken! Last year, I was terrified of the whole chickens and would always give them to E until she convinced me how easy they are to make. Now they are my favorite and I cook them all the time!

So Sunday we celebrated the start of Spring harvest, all the while tearfully praying for our city. Little did we know our CSA farms were underwater as well. An email from them brought me to tears, as we prayed for the farmers and their families. (Avalon Acres is a combined CSA from 40 family farms owned by mostly Amish families.)

After a nervous two days, and an onslaught of the continually devastating news about Nashville, we heard last night from Avalon Acres. All the spring crops were spared! We fell asleep with joyful hearts, grateful to God and hopeful of His restoration and faithfulness in the rest of our city.

So today I feel like I can blog again. I can talk about food and God and not feel a strange feeling of guilt.  I love this city. I grew up here. I’ve been moved to tears by pictures and by the tremendous blessing our friends and family have received. We are safe, we are dry. We have food and clothing. We have energy and passion to give, and not enough places to give it. We are blessed beyond measure.

Tonight, Price and I gathered with our community group from church. We shared a salad we made with our CSA greens, and pizza ordered from down the street. It was a sweet time of community with people we love after a scary few days. And what better way to celebrate than with food from the ground around our city, with pizza from a local shop, with white wine and Bud Light, and with laughter and prayers of thanksgiving.


One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. I love reading your blog. I’ve been praying for you guys, and for Nashville in general – I’m so glad all the spring crops at Avalon Acres were able to be saved! That is good news for you and good news for the farmers too 🙂 Hopefully we can come and visit sometime after the cruise (and maybe after the water crisis is resolved – I don’t want to be another body who needs water for a bunch of things) … I miss everybody. I was so, so glad to hear that you all are okay, and that your cars/houses/pets are okay too.

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