The Balcony Garden: Day 1

Today was epic. 3 loaves of bread (2 banana, 1 honey wheat), church, picnic at Love Circle, sanding/painting all the bathroom cabinets, and planting a balcony garden. There’s a pint of peanut-butter-chocolate ice cream in the freezer and I really want to reward myself, but I’m too tired to get up. So I’ll blog instead! […]

Sometimes Food is Hard

Sometimes food is hard. I was thinking this the other day, sitting in my little cubicle at work while munching on my baby spinach salad. I was so proud of eating my salad for lunch: salad and a pear, greek yogurt and a handful (maybe 5?) tortilla chips that I allowed myself. And a cookie […]

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Tonight, I attempted too much. It happens. Dinner: pesto pasta with roasted asparagus and tomatoes. Fast, delicious, healthy, leftovers for lunch. The perfect weeknight meal. But it wasn’t just dinner. We’re going to a cookout tomorrow night, and small group the night after, and I thought I could be all productive and get everything done […]